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Acupuncture & No-Needle Acupuncture

Acupuncture can enhance our ability to thrive,
re-storing and rebalancing the flow of vital energy.

For those suffering from any debilitating illness, injury or even a terminal condition, acupuncture can support healing and well being. Scientific research verifies the benefit in regulating the vital energy of the body, relieving pain, strengthening immunity and enhancing recovery from soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Cole works hand in hand, heart to heart, and spirit to spirit with you and your other care providers. She sees herself as a team member in the integrated approach aimed to provide your optimal health and quality of life.


Dear Esteemed Patients:

Dr. Cole is on sabbatical from April 15, 2018 until September 20th, when her clinic will re-open. To make an appointment, please go to the Booking page.

We look forward to seeing you in the fall.


What Is Medical Acupuncture?

The foundation of Medical Acupuncture is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is the most well known and accepted of the complementary modalities by Western medicine. The approach emphasizes the essential factors of TCM and their corresponding counterparts in Western or biophysical medicine. For example, inflammation has been understood by both systems of medicine as a causative factor for a myriad of conditions and illnesses.

How Do I Know If Acupuncture Is Right For Me?

Acupuncture and the related therapies including moxibustion and cupping, are effective and time-honored modalities. Scientific and medical research verifies benefits such as regulating the vital energy of the body, relieving pain, strengthening immunity and enhancing recovery from soft tissue injuries.

I'm Scared of Needles!

There are many forms of no-needle acupuncture including moxibustion, cupping, Gua Sha, painless laser treatment , acupressure, and Qi Gong. Low level laser has been shown to reduct inflammation, relieve pain, itching, help injured tissue regenerate and promote circulation. Directed appropriately to acupuncture meridians these forms of treatment can bring results similar to those of acupuncture with needles.

Why is the Comprehensive Health History Recommended as a First Appointment?

Dr. Cole is interested in the whole individual. The foundation of Western Biophysical Medicine and especially Functional and Chinese Medicine rests on the individual as a whole. Treatment toward optimum health and well-being will depend on many factors, including a mental and physical health history, level of stress, dietary and activity habits, relationships, familial and environmental factors.

This appointment, usually of 1 ½ to 2 hours duration, will be dedicated to gathering this background information and discussing your treatment options, and how they might be affected by the factors listed above.

I first met Candace during a meditation retreat in Nelson, BC. Her warmth was infectious as was the kindness in her heart. When I returned to Australia I developed an auto immune disease with symptoms including painful stiffening of the joints, including the hands and feet. I was in constant pain, couldn’t sleep and was simply scared.

When Candace heard of me becoming unwell she travelled to Australia to provide me with daily treatment which included acupuncture, massage and counselling. During these sessions Candace was able to adapt her treatment approaches according to the areas I identified as needing the most care, so together we could achieve positive change. During treatment sessions Candace allowed me to open my mind and heart to the experience of getting well. Although my disease remained difficult, the internal strength that Candace revealed in me, by working through my fears with compassion meant that I could face these challenges.

Her dedication to supporting my wellness over this time allowed me to participate fully in the process. We developed a deep understanding and trust that remains to this day. This empowered me to continue to improve even when she had to return to Canada. Candace continued to check in with me on a regular basis so I never felt alone.

I cannot overstate the respect I have for Candace, her knowledge of illness and ways to treat and support those going through the process. I will always hold deep thanks for the treatment and time she provided me in the most difficult time of my life.

Tara Haneveld RN

Education Manager - Health, Federation University TAFE, Ballarat, Australia

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